Buzzman Front Bar Vs Hollow Tube Front Bars Edited-1

Don’t be fooled by others telling you all retractable awnings are the same. Buzzman Awning Distributors is the only retractable awning company that actually brings samples of our retractable awning frames so you can see and feel the difference in quality!

All retractable awnings are not alike; our best in the industry retractable awning frame (pictured on the left) is exclusive to Buzzman Awnings.  Ask us to show you the difference between the materials and products used to manufacture a Buzzman Awning vs. all the other companies, and you will be amazed with the differences in quality & weight. Our forged aluminum magnesium alloy arms and frame parts will outlast all others available on the market today.

What Makes a Buzzman Retractable Awning the Highest Quality, Strongest, Most Capable Awning?
  • Buzzman Awnings are made of 100% aircraft aluminum magnesium alloy and 316 marine grade steel
  • Our Awnings can remain fully open & extended 365 days/year 24 hours/day.
    Unlike other brands, we do not void your warranty if your awning is left out in a storm
  • Buzzman Awnings will retract with a 25-35+ MPH wind gust vs 10-15 MPH on all other brands
  • Our built-in rain gutter will spill rain to the sides of your awning rather than cascading off the front valance
  • Florida Building Code Approved (Sec. 3105.5.1), not just County approved
  • Manufactured from parts made right here in S. Florida & parts imported from Germany….all heavy gauge and highest quality
What is the warranty on my Buzzman Retractable Awning?

Our exclusive Buzzman Retractable Awning frame is backed by a LIMITED LIFETIME DEFECT WARRANTY. The Sunbrella or Tempotest Marine Grade Fabric carries a 10-year manufacturer warranty, guaranteed not to have excessive fading or penetrating mildew. The Somfy motor, remote control and wireless wind sensor have a 5-year warranty(starts at date of manufacture) from the Somfy Corporation.

Can I leave my Buzzman Retractable Awning out in the rain and storms?

YES! We want you to leave your Buzzman Retractable Awning fully extended out all day and night, 365-days a year!

Our strong, heavyweight awnings include a Somfy motor, remote control and wireless digital wind sensor allowing our awnings to automatically retract when a wind  gust of ~25-30MPH is detected.

By comparison, Buzzman Retractable Awnings can remain extended out during winds three times stronger than other retractable awning brands. Don’t worry about your Buzzman Retractable Awning in a strong storm or hurricane. Our Buzzman Retractable Awnings pass the current Florida Building Code ( Chapter 31 – Special Construction; Awnings & Canopies) sec. 3105.5.1 which states that a retractable awning must be able to withstand winds of 115MPH for 3-second wind gusts while fully open and extended.


My neighbors awning is rusty. Will this happen to my new Buzzman Retractable Awning?


While the South Florida salt air and higher humidity are known to rust metals, Buzzman Retractable Awnings are made from the finest extruded Aircraft Aluminum Magnesium Alloy and we use only 316 marine grade stainless hardware.

In other words, we use the same durable metals used to manufacture airplanes and boats.


How long will my Buzzman Retractable Awning last?

Your Buzzman Retractable Awning should provide you with many decades of use.  We currently have awnings that are  in use today approaching 25+ years of age and still look great!  Maintenance is simple; all it takes is cleaning the frame a couple times a year with a mild soapy water mixture and changing the 2 AAA batteries(we recommend AAA Lithium) in your awning’s wireless wind sensor once per year.  Generally no lubrication or adjustments are necessary.  Spots on the fabric can be cleaned with a mild citrus cleaner or see the Sunbrella or Tempotest website for other cleaning solutions. Buzzman Retractable Awnings use only the finest extruded Aircraft Aluminum Magnesium Alloy finished with a PVC coating which will not flake over time like powder coated metals. For hardware, we use the best 3-1-6 marine grade stainless hardware. The exclusive Buzzman Retractable Awning frame carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects.

Buzzman Retractable Awnings only use the highest quality Sunbrella or Tempotest marine grade awning fabric (the same fabric used on boats). These fabrics carry a manufacturer’s 10-year prorated warranty covering excessive fading and penetrating mildew. Typically, you won’t have to even think of replacing the fabric for 10-15+ years!

We exclusively use industry standard Somfy Motors, remote controls and wireless digital wind sensors which carry a manufacturer’s 5-year warranty.

PLEASE DO NOT PRESSURE WASH YOUR AWNING as this can damage the fabric, motor and other parts which may potentially void any/all warranties.

I would like to install a retractable awning. Are there any limitations I should be aware of?

Good question.  While a retractable awning is a great choice for many homeowners, there are a few things that one should take in account when considering adding a retractable awning to your home.

  1.  The height of your roof line will directly determine how far your awning can extend out. Our Buzzman retractable awnings are available in 5′, 6’8″, 8’3″, 10′, 11’6″ and 13′ projections.  A minimum of an 8′ high area is required to properly install a retractable awning to meet the codes.  A properly installed awning will have a pitch or slope of roughly 3″ per foot of projection (ie: 8’3″ projection has a 24″ pitch).
  2. If you have a low roof line, we may be able to install your Buzzman retractable awning ON the roof but keep in mind that this does add extra costs to the project.  You may need to have a roofing company cut and replace your roof tiles.
  3. Electricity is required for all installed awnings.  We will utilize the closest outdoor outlet in relation to your installation location.  If there is no outlet available, you will want to contact a FL licensed electrician or FPL Home Services to have a standard outdoor GFCI outlet with a BUBBLE COVER installed before your new awning.
  4. While we do our best to install your new awning as quickly and professionally as possible, we are not Superman.  What we mean is that we cannot see inside your walls, soffits or roof.  While extremely rare and depending on how your home was built, you may need to have additional supports or beams installed in an attic or soffit so that the area can handle the weight of your new awning.  Unfortunately, this is not something we will know until the time of installation.
I’d like to schedule an appointment for a free quote. How do I do so?

We would be happy to schedule an appointment to meet with you to discuss adding a Buzzman retractable awning to your home.  There is a lot to discuss and we really want you to understand what is & what is not possible as well as what makes a Buzzman reteactable awning the highest quality product available.  Appointments typically take 45-60min for us to meet with you to discuss your awning, measure the area and write up a free written quote.  Please allow enough time for us to do our job properly.

To schedule an appointment you can fill out the contact form on our webpage or by calling/emailing the appropriate office for your county.   We do our best to respond to all inquiries within 24 business hours.