Retractable Awning Rain Gutter – Gimmick or Useful?

While other local retractable awning companies try to dismiss our blatantly obvious higher quality, stronger, and more capable Buzzman Retractable Awning with our exclusive super wide and super deep Built-In Front Bar Rain Gutter claiming it’s just a “gimmick,” we laugh at that false argument proven with videos and > 25,000 Buzzman Retractable Awnings still in operation all across South Florida. Of course, common sense dictates that you should try to keep your Buzzman Retractable Awning Rain Gutter free & clear of debris, which takes all of 30 sec. for a quick sweep or rinse with a hose. Watch the heavy rain spill out the very front sides of our Buzzman Retractable Awning; you be the judge! 🙂 …

Think ALL Retractable Awnings are alike? …Think Again.

When the research is done and all the right questions are asked, it becomes blatantly apparent the Buzzman Retractable Awning is the Highest Quality, Strongest, & Most Capable Retractable Awning in the Industry! Made from 100% Aircraft Aluminum Alloy with thick, triangle structures inside, only the Buzzman Retractable Awning can Remain Fully Open & Extended All Day & Night for 365 Days/Year!

There’s one which stands out from all the rest…the Buzzman’s heavy-duty weight frame allows it to stay out and will only automatically retract in when the included wind sensor detects a 25-30MPH wind gust (vs. a slight 10-15MPH breeze with all other lighter weight hollow tube retractable awning brands). From the Sunbrella marine-grade awning fabric with a 10-year warranty to the Buzzman’s exclusive Lifetime frame warranty, it’s obvious which retractable awning is truly unique and which one is the Best in the Industry.

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